Invest in Sicily


Why do they choose to invest in Sicily?


Strategic location

The island of Sicily is situated in the center of the Mediterranean, its geographic position facilitates and enables the air and naval traffic for entire Europe, North-Africa and Asia. The high level of specializations of the labor force of Sicily is due to the good followed University system this thanks to another study propensity and ability to work.


Tax incentives and grants

tax relief on recruitment of staff, incentives from government agencies such as Crias, Invitatalia and Mise. Last but not least the indirect access to European funds such as Psr that facilitate and encourage private investment in agricultural sectors, technology, food, crafts, trade and tourism.


Ideal working conditions: The optimal

climatic conditions make and suit the island of Sicily. It’s indeed a perfect place for the physic and mental well-being of the personal. Sicily is an ideal place where to start living and working in a pleasant atmosphere and to look for a new home and most important a job.

quote South-East Sicily is the most economically prosperous region. The South-East of Sicily is the best located area of the entire island, also because of the rich infrastructural net such as the airport of Catania and Comiso. Furthermore the commercial and civilian ports of Augusta, Syracuse and Pozzallo. The area is home to large industrial areas and ports but also growing farms and / or high level technology site like the now famous EtnaValley. quote

On what to invest?

Businessmen as well as small investors choose Sicily for the good prospective of economic growth and profit.

The assets of the South-East Sicilian are:

1) High rate of education and high specialized labor force

2) Lower wages than the European average

3) Tax incentives and grants

4) Strategic location, efficient and adequate infrastructure in the global South-East Sicilian area

5) Optimal weather and working conditions

quote They recorded the best growth in the following business: Tourism, Wine, olive oil and fruit production, Offered goods and services with added values, Food and wine, Business innovation and high level of technologyquote

Our services

Our services is owned by Studio Sacchetta S.r.l., consultant of business related services and companies working over more than 10 years in Sicily. The company is specialized in offering a WELL SUITED AND READY SERVICE FOR EACH CLIENT for whom it might concern investing, moving or creating its own business in the South-East of Sicily.


OUR CONSULTANTS ARE AT YOUR FULL DISPOSAL to evaluate each business opportunity that Sicily will and can offer COMPANIES, PROFESSIONALS and PRIVATS.

Collaborate with us

Our company will also work together with professionals resident in the client’s countries to acknowledge their expertise and provide better final services. Lawyers, notaries, consultants in financial economics, chartered accountants are well accepted. Considering this, if you are one of the above-mentioned persons and you have potential clients that are interested in investing in the South-East of Sicily feel free to contact us at the following e-mail We’ll contact you as soon as possible and will illustrate you our business proposals.

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